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Well so far work here has been great :D. I know i am a bit late but i save the best till last... 
Day 1:
The first day i was a bit nervous but got over it soon enough. First we were asked by Melanie a lovely and very pretty person to clean the demonstration room which wasn't too bad. Amy and I were shown what to do by Gillian the manager who is also lovely and very pretty person. She showed Amy and I how to merchandise which was easy enough. So that is what we did that first day. 
Day two was pretty similar except i had an awful situation with the bus. I had come 10 minutes early and it was freezing, knowing me i forgot my coat so i froze. Then the bus was late which was the first bad sign. Then when the bus arrived I was refused entry because it was full. The next bus wasn't for another 45 minutes and i'd be late at that stage, so doing the sensible thing i called my mother. She came and collected me and brought me to Palmerston to catch a bus from there. I did arrive on time thanks to my wonderful mother. And as expected we had to clean the demo room and merchandise the shop but we got a bun and a drink at the end :)

Day 2
This time I decided to get the bus Eireann bus as it was raining cats and dogs. The bus stop is at the top of my estate. When the bus arrived it wasn't the one i was expecting and it was late (deja vu). Then I wasn't sure what to do with my change when i got on. So i handed it to the bus driver but managed to drop it and some of the change rolled down the steps and off the bus. I had to run off and catch it. Then I couldn't pick up the pieces that were on the bus floor as my hands were shaking from the nerves. But I arrived in one piece anyway. As usual we cleaned but we also had to organize the store shelves which took a looooong time. The rest of the day i helped customers in the shop. Then as i was waiting for my mother to come collect me a woman approached me asking for money and wouldn't leave me alone so i hid in the shop. But it was an enjoyable day overall :)

Day 3
Work this week was pretty much the same as the last week except me and Amy ended up flooding the bathroom area. We had to mop the floor so Amy filled the bucket but there was someone in the bathroom, so as we waited outside Amy accidentally knocked over the bucket and the water went everywhere!! and then of course the woman came out of the bathroom and just looked shocked at the flood we had created. When she closed the door behind her we went into full panic mode. Then i tried to mop up the water and put in the bucket but then I knocked over the bucket and spilled more water on the floor. Amy ran out to get the blue tissue to try soak up some of excess water. Then we didn't know where to put the tissue so we tried to flush some down the toilet and put some in the sanitary bun and discreetly placed some in the bin. Lets just say it was an eventful day altogether...

The Last Day:
I may be a bit behind on this but today was my last day...

Well today was the same as the other weeks I stacked shelves but today we got to put up Christmas decorations :D I love Christmas . So Amy and I had to tie bows around Christmas themed cupcake boxes, then Gillian hung them from the roof in the store. We placed star shaped lights around the shop too ! Later on during the day we had to rap a cardboard box in wrapping paper to look like a present it was so cute, and there was even a Christmas tree to go on top. With all that excitement I was over the moon, but there was one odd mishap that occurred.. 

My reaction to being told I was putting up the decorations

I was given the job of taking stock of the shop its not as exciting as it sounds.... but as this happened a man walked by singing a song that went something like "You want to be with me". Anyway I just had to make eye contact with this man.. I thought he would just carry on but no... He turned around and walked into to shop and tried to talk to me.. saying " Ayyyye mamicita  you want to be with me yeah?"  to make things worse it was like a 30 year old man.... I just (unsuccessfully) pretended to ignore him but he continued .. 
" Ayye so beautiful , you want to be with me? " Well I've heard of the saying flattery goes a long way but in this case I'm no too sure...


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