Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Help The Philippines

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On Friday we held a bake sale to donate the money to the Philippines who suffered from Super Typhoon Haiyan. All money raised is going to be donated to the Savings Children's Lives UNICEF appeal. So far we've been told we have raised over €1,500. With all the hard work of many students in the school making things such as cookies, cupcakes (which i made :D with the Filipino flag on them, it wasn't easy...) and even a rainbow cake! I'm sure this donation is of great need and will be used wisely :)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Schools Across Borders

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On Thursday we went to City West to attend the Global Citizens Student Conference hosted by Darren Irvine of schools across borders. His aim is to stop conflict in and promote peace world wide. We got the typical blue double decker bus no surprise there... and made our way to City west! On arrival I was impressed with the hotel it was beautiful. We were led to a big function room. All the other schools were already seated. A few other girls and I had our Radio Ty stickers because we would be interviewing some of the NGO's such as Concern, Irish aid, Burma Action Ireland etc. You can read all these on the radio TY blog. 

Firstly Darren introduced the program and each school gave a presentation on what we have researched so far. Our slideshows were by far the best...not bias at all... Then we were all sat in a circle and colourful pages with a word on them were placed in the center of the room...and were told we were going to pair up with other schools. We chose the word Dignity but were unsure as to what we had to do, we were sat in a circle in relative silence. Then we were told to get out of our circle as there was a group preforming a play, It was about the genocide in the Burma and how one voice can make a difference. It was a real eye opener!

When the play finished the actors were sat in a row and were joined by students on either side they were wearing white masks on their faces it was to symbolise how they don't have an identity as one of their lives doesn't have as much value as one of ours. They took the mask off to reveal they were from Rohingya and Pakistan. He also asked them some questions about life in Ireland and got them to speak in their native language. Then finally FOOD! we got chicken goujons and chips, chicken was nice the chips not so much but its better than nothing :D 

When we returned to function room and were told to sit around the floor again and the NGO's were going to give a pitch to interest us in coming to listen to their presentation. This was when Aoibheann, JayneEilís and I went around to interview the different NGO's. Then it was time to return to Celbridge . The day had some confusing moments but it was great fun interviewing the NGO's.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


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 Over the past few weeks on a Friday we've had zumba! at first I was nervous because I've never done it before, i have done water zumba but this was rather different... A lady called Grainne came into to instruct us. The spanish music is really catchy though and i am pretty tired afterwards. I think i might look into joining a local zumba class to help keep me fit!

This is an example of what we've done :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

History, Poetry and much more....

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Not another trip.... If anything this is not a 'doss' year, with two trips in one week and plenty of projects to be done too. This time we headed into town to visit the national gallery, natural history museum AND the national library!! all thanks to Ms. B :D

As usual we were divided into class groups, class tabei went to the national art museum first  to view paintings from the time of W. B. Yates and also two that were painted by his brother.

Johannes Vermeers painting 

I decided to put this photo in because we are currently watching the girl with the pearl earring in art so far it's good. Anyway back to the point ... I found the museum interesting but i cant remember the name of my favorite painting typical... 

A Lunula 

After this we went to the museum of natural history. I love history so i was looking forward to this part. We got a tour of the exhibition about the bog bodies. We had to wait in the gift shop area for the tour guide it was rather dull until you looked up. The ceiling was beautiful, it was a complete contrast to the walls around the gift shop. There was a minor distraction to some waiting as there was a boys school there also nothing to noteworthy though... 

This is the best preserved bog body in the world, they injected it with wax unlike the other bog bodies. Seeing these just amazes me how little our anatomy has changed over the years, but it also evokes great emotion from me at how they were all brutally murdered and their corpses are on display, some say that if your body doesn't decompose you don't reach the after life, but everyone to their own.
a hyper Claire and I

And then we were let lose on Grafton street for lunch and obviously we went where every TY would go Mc Donalds... again... And there was a cute guy behind us also hahah im not only concerned about boys... And lunch is complete without starbucks for dessert typical teenage girl

After lunch we made are way to the Yates exhibition in the national library. It was a lovely exhibition showing us the many different things associated with W. B. Yates and his family. It was a great day and a special thanks again to Ms. B for organising it !!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Science Week

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It's Science week !!!

This post may be a bit late... but as they say better late then never! Monday was the start of science week and to mark this we went to the Institute of Technology Tallaght. As usual we got the blue doble decker bus, lets just say its not as nice as other buses.. Well when we arrived we were directed into a laboratory. The laboratory created bacteria in machines like below.

But just as we were about to move on Lauren fainted (queue exasperated gasp) but she's all right now thank god! We had to pass through the hallways of the college to get to the seminar room it looks so cool in college. We were sat in the classroom and were told there was another school coming, first thoughts were ..... will there be BOYS?!?!? Someone must've been watching over us as there was and a whole lot of them at that. Aoife even got caught trying to take a picture of one...creep (jkjk). Then the show began....

The presenter was British so he had a cool accent lol, anyway there was a whole slideshow prepared and it was brilliant with a hint of humour which was quite funny. So many things happened he shot a bottle in the air just by increasing the pressure within it, made a potato gun, told us were carrying 10 kg's of air at any one time if you hold your hand out flat and blew up a balloon containing hydrogen it made a huge bang and scared some people eeeeek!! He also showed this video of a vacuum...

I found it really fascinating... 

Had my phone stolen by these two idiots...

Then we were informed my Mr. L on his "stage" that we were going to Liffey Valley wooo (queue girls shrieking). We went to Mc Donalds, surprise surprise, and of course sanpchat was involved... but we'll leave that out for now. We had planned to do a prom for mini company but the idea fell through, even so aoibheann and I tried on our prom dresses ... 

But as always these days come to end, but a brilliant day it was!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thoughts on Physio and Cardiology...

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Last we week we attended the talks in Naas General hospital. I attended the Physio talk and the cardiology talk. I didn't find the physiotherapy talk as good as the cardiology talk, it sort of turned me off training the be a physiotherapist. It was well set up but was rather boring. They showed us the sort of equipment we would be using as well such as the wobble board, and the zimmer frame etc.

I also attended the cardiology talk on Friday. I found this talk amazing and so fascinating, she had it well laid out and it was very easy to understand. She showed us ECG's, ultra sounds and many other scans done by a cardiologist. Also a woman came and talked about respiratory cardiology which would have a link to asthma, i would be interested in this as i have sports induced asthma myself. At the end of the talk she had people bring in loads of the equipment they would use on a daily basis, we were shown how the machines worked and go to try some of them.

From attending these talks i would consider a career in cardiology as it was very interesting and it doesn't need a lot of points to do the course. 


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