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My sisters keeper review

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Brief Outline 

This book is a story about a family torn apart by cancer, the story is told from the points of view of the family, lawyer and legal guardian. It's situated in modern day America with a few flashbacks from the parents point of view in the short time of a week and a half. It starts in 1990 when Kate is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia, she starts chemotherapy immediately but her parents, Sara and Brian, are soon informed that she may need a bone marrow transplant and a member of the family would be the ideal donor but no one is a match. Therefore Anna is brought into the world she was genetically designed to have the same genetic make up as Kate so she could be a suitable donor. Sarah mainly narrates the next few chapters and talks about the pain Kate is going through and the procedures Anna has undergone to keep Kate alive. Then the real story begins when Anna seeks legal representation from Campbell for medical emancipation because she doesn't want to give away her kidney. But it isn't just Anna who is pushed to the side but their eldest son Jesse, who also acts out at Kates single mindfulness on Kate.

A Character you found interesting

I found the character of Anna to be interesting not because she seems to be the main focus in the book, but because she isn't. When Anna first announces she wants medical emancipation she is told not to be so selfish and irresponsible and is just brushed to the side as childish and it would all blow over, the focus isn't even on Anna like why she wants to seek medical emancipation but what the repercussions for Kate will be. The story unfolds as she continues the lawsuit, things such as the real reason she decided to seek medical emancipation come to light. I admire Anna because of the courage and love she shows for her sister, the courage of being able to stand up to her parents and to live a life that involves her ending up in hospital every time her sister is there. And the bond Anna and Kate with the mischievous incidents the two of them get up too.

A Theme That is Explored

The theme of conflict is evident through out the novel between Anna and Sara, Sara and Brain, Campbell and Julia and many more. Another example of conflict is between Jesse and himself. Jesse fights with himself when he lights the fire as to why he really does this, as a cry for attention or a pyromaniac habit. Conflict is mainly due to Annas lawsuit, as Anna and Sara clash as to what they believe is right, this is also the source of conflict between Brian and Sara when Brian takes Annas side.

Insight you Gained into the World of the Text

From reading this novel I've discovered life is full of decisions and sacrifices and not to take life to seriously as everything could be gone tomorrow just as Anna was lost in the blink of an eye.

What Type of Vision or Viewpoint does the Author have? Is it a dark/bright insight of the world?

I believe Jodi has a bright insight of the world, that even though Kate does have cancer life can still be happy such as when she meets Taylor, she can still fall in love like everybody else. And the high moments in the book of mischievous behaviour between Kate and Anna such as when they go into the hair dressers and ask will they give Kate a perm even though she has no hair. But there are moments of dark insights like the way Kate continuously relapses or the loss of Anna. 

Comment on the imagery in the novel

The books imagery is supported by the fact that there is a movie to help you along. Even though the book doesn't have the exact same story line the main parts can be examined in the movie and the book. The imagery in the book cam be quite hard to get a hand on because she swaps between past and present and there isn't a constant protagonist. But in general the imagery is good.

Do you like the novel? Would you like to live there?

The book is situated in modern day America, I am living in the present day which there isn't much I can do about. But living in a house where my sister would have recurring cancer would be horrible. As I have a sister myself I relate to not wanting to lose her and that if I had the chance of donating anything to keep my sister alive I would jump at the chance. I absolutely enjoyed this novel, I was glued to it finishing it in three days, I would definitely recommend it to someone who doesn't mind a big cry.


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