Friday, 14 March 2014

Lollipop Day

Posted by Rebecca at 11:00

Last Friday we were all invited into Town to fund raise for the esophageal cancer Fund by selling Heart shaped lollipops and pins. In school before we left we each got a top and a cap to wear when fundraising. I paired up with Eilís and we stood at the beginning of Grafton Street. We shook the buckets and shouted different things like "Support the OCF", "Support lollipop day buy buying a lollipop" or "Buy a lollipop for 2 euro to support lollipop day" and these seemed to work very well as loads of people bought lollipops and pins off us we even had to refill the box because we ran out. 

And of course when in town we went for lunch in McDonalds, since we hadn't had anything since breakfast we devoured our food in 10 minutes we were starving! Then we returned home after all our hard work but it was worth doing for charity!


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