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BT Young Scientist

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On Thursday we went to the BT young scientist in the RDS. But this time it wasn't just the TYs going on the trip but second years also, we had to get three double decker buses to take us there. When we arrived we went straight to the robot show. There was a few glitches but the show was good. 

The Robot Arena

Next we went to the place where you get the free stuff. We saw this bouncy castle type inflatable that you walk through so we queued for that first. It turned out it was as if you were going through the digestive system, you started in the mouth and then stopped in your stomach, small intestine and then he rectum. And they described what happens during each of these stages.

The villi

After we spotted a CELEBRITY... Mr. Ryan Tubridy, I even got a selfie with him ;) we had to wait awhile but he was lovely and took a picture with everyone who asked. Miriam O' Callaghan was also there but I didn't get to take a picture with her.

Ryan Tubridy and I

After we went to the Selfie Zone!!! It was Rte's area where they had different things like wigs, hats and glasses to put on and take a selfie and enter their competition. Well a few would be an understatement of all the selfies we took but heres the best ones.

After we had a go in the weather studio and presented the weather it was great craic, outside the weather booth they have a tv screen showing you in the rte news studio. The boy after us happened to be wearing a jumper that matched the green screen behind him so he blended in with the wall and was just a floating head on tv, it was a bit like a scene from anchorman 2. 

Analog devices had a section there like every other year, they always have a few interactive games. One game was where you stand on a wobble board and you have to lean from side to side and try collect the coins that were coming up on the monitor, next we tested or reaction times. There was three buttons in front of us blue, green and red and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on them, then on the screen infront there were leds that lit up with the number in a different colour. You were able to do the game by numbers or colours so you had to press the button in response to what came up on the screen. Another good game of sorts was the laser maze, you had to make your way to the other side without hitting any lasers or it would add on more time to your score.

Overall it was a great day but they didn't have their chocolate covered marshmallows like the other times I was there.. But it was great fun and congratulations to the winners who solved a mathematical equation and peoples attitudes to older people in the work place.


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