Saturday, 18 January 2014

Junk Kotoure

Posted by Rebecca at 11:12
Last Friday we hosted our Junk Kotoure fashion show. I was in a group with Lauren, Ciara and Catriona. Our dress consisted of a head piece, wings, corset and skirt. Our corset was a second hand one from a charity shop and we painted it black. We places sliver serving dishes from the Chinese on the side to catch the light. Then we added a line of batteries along the bases to add an electrical touch. In the center we placed bottle caps in co ordination. Using tissue paper we created some texture along the bust. 

The skirt was made from an old umbrella that we turned inside out, we cut newspaper in strips and frilled it and glued it along the bottom of the umbrella. Under the umbrella we folded cardboard and placed it on string to hang underneath to puff out the skirt. 

We made wings out of wire and soldered it into shape. We attached them to Laurens back using unravelled the wire from the top of a calender and laced it through and around Laurens arms . And to top it off we wrapped a wire around Laurens waist and draped the end of it over her shoulder, and voilà our dress is complete.

Everyone put lots of effort into their dresses and it really showed with the impressive dresses that were on show at the fashion show. Here is some of the other dresses. 

Heres a collage of the photos of other dresses it may not be the 
best quality as they were taken on my phone.


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