Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Workshop Numero dos

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Massage therapy

This was our second workshop in massage therapy this time it involved head massages and stress release. Jayne and I had to massage each others heads. Jayne wasn't very happy but joined in anyway. We also done a massage train which was interesting...

Positive Parties

This was our second week with Denise also, It was her birthday so we congratulated her. This week the workshop involved laughing. We had to go to each other and pretend to laugh . To be honest i found it a little out of my comfort zone and a bit unnecessary but partook anyway.

BK inniú  

This was completely different to any other workshop we've done. They taught us how to walk tall and in high heels. Unfortunately i was unable to partake as i had an injured ankle but enjoyed watching the rest of the class. Secondly we watched a video about the impact of media on our body image. Also we learned how to keep clean nails and how to make home made hand care lotion and body scrub.

The Week Of Transition

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Monday and Tuesday were the most adventurous days in of my life in a long time. From swimming in the ocean to a blindfolded walk in the dark it was the time of our lives. We arrived around 10 and got suited up for laser tag which involved wearing a camo jumpsuit. We each got a laser gun deciding whether we were on the red or the blue team. The Red team was the best as it won 3/4 matches. 
Later that evening we took part in the crystal maze. We had to complete different tasks like crawling through a spiders web and a low ropes course. 

Lights out was at 11 but the 7 of us stayed up late talking bout the amazing experience. There was no sleeping in the next day even though  I overslept a bit needless to say i was woken up with a pillow to the face by Jayne...We started of Tuesday with a series of different activities such as communication breakdown, archery and body zorbing. I found my hidden talent in archery hitting the bulls eye each time. Body zorbing was my favorite out of all the activities. We had a zorbing ball around our upper bodies and held it like a backpack on our shoulders. Then we spent our time running into each other. We even had a tournament of who could knock whom over first.

Later that evening we went kayaking in the ocean, it was freezing but worth while. I ended getting thrown off the water trampoline by one of the instructors and added 24 hours to my life by sticking my head under a magical fountain.All in all it was an amazing trip.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Brown Envelope

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The Results

After 3 years of hard work the day had finally come, The Results .  I was so nervous before the big day. We had to get into lines within our classes in alphabetical order and of course i was last. But all in all i was happy with my results :D. 
But the most fun was the night out after. There was 16 of us in total going to time in Naas. It was great fun before getting ready and stuff and the disco itself obviously.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Journey so far...

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The Journey so far...

Its day four, we've had most of our classes except for p.e. and music. I'm looking forward to double p.e. because we'll be able to get more done. We started our junk kouture in home ec, its hard to come up with an idea that everybody likes and what materials were going to use. But its on its way :)

Art on the other hand was another story... It brought back memories of when i was in first year and recalled i cant draw for my life. 
We had our first workshop on Wednesday. Our first of the trio was with Austin who taught us about confidence building and suggested on the way to school we karate chop the air and scream hai. 
The second of the three involved transferring energy to one another then we gave each other shoulder massages.. it was different but i'm sure my mam will appreciate my new talent.
The third and final workshop was Positive Parties. We got to wear flower necklaces and listen to happy upbeat music. It was all about keeping positive an example of a positive song is ....
Hope you enjoyed my blog post stay tuned for more next week :)

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