Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Week Of Transition

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Monday and Tuesday were the most adventurous days in of my life in a long time. From swimming in the ocean to a blindfolded walk in the dark it was the time of our lives. We arrived around 10 and got suited up for laser tag which involved wearing a camo jumpsuit. We each got a laser gun deciding whether we were on the red or the blue team. The Red team was the best as it won 3/4 matches. 
Later that evening we took part in the crystal maze. We had to complete different tasks like crawling through a spiders web and a low ropes course. 

Lights out was at 11 but the 7 of us stayed up late talking bout the amazing experience. There was no sleeping in the next day even though  I overslept a bit needless to say i was woken up with a pillow to the face by Jayne...We started of Tuesday with a series of different activities such as communication breakdown, archery and body zorbing. I found my hidden talent in archery hitting the bulls eye each time. Body zorbing was my favorite out of all the activities. We had a zorbing ball around our upper bodies and held it like a backpack on our shoulders. Then we spent our time running into each other. We even had a tournament of who could knock whom over first.

Later that evening we went kayaking in the ocean, it was freezing but worth while. I ended getting thrown off the water trampoline by one of the instructors and added 24 hours to my life by sticking my head under a magical fountain.All in all it was an amazing trip.


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