Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Workshop Numero dos

Posted by Rebecca at 02:22

Massage therapy

This was our second workshop in massage therapy this time it involved head massages and stress release. Jayne and I had to massage each others heads. Jayne wasn't very happy but joined in anyway. We also done a massage train which was interesting...

Positive Parties

This was our second week with Denise also, It was her birthday so we congratulated her. This week the workshop involved laughing. We had to go to each other and pretend to laugh . To be honest i found it a little out of my comfort zone and a bit unnecessary but partook anyway.

BK inniú  

This was completely different to any other workshop we've done. They taught us how to walk tall and in high heels. Unfortunately i was unable to partake as i had an injured ankle but enjoyed watching the rest of the class. Secondly we watched a video about the impact of media on our body image. Also we learned how to keep clean nails and how to make home made hand care lotion and body scrub.


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