Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Safety First

Posted by Rebecca at 02:10
Drive for life

Last Tuesday Pat from drive 4 life came in too us to give a talk about road safety. It aims to raise awareness of road safety and mould attitudes of young drivers-to-be before they actually start to drive.  The Programme is aimed at preventing young people becoming involved in road traffic incidents that all too often result in serious injury or death. 

It was a real eye opener too me. He showed images of crashes and videos of people talking about their life after the crash. One video in particular really affected me. I have attached it below. 

*Warning: this video contains graphic images that may upset some viewers. Watch at your own discretion*


This made me realize how dangerous it is to distracted for even a fraction of a second and the consequences involved in it.

After lunch the worst of it was over. We just learned about the rules of the road and the new drivers test we'll have to do. We also took the theory test for fun. I was one mark off passing my theory test and i didn't even study!


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