Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Friendship Week

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Jump On It...

The day had finally arrived, hours of practice had been put in too win the prize, this is what it involve to be the lucky class. Every year our school hosts a fun walk at the end of friend ship week to promote the anti bullying campaign. Within our class we have to create a dance the promotes bullying. There was ups and downs as expected but we pulled through in the end. Each year group is given a colour to dress in and TY's were yellow. This presented a challenge to us as there aren't many yellow characters out there. But we ended up picking Taxi's.

Our dance consisted of my friend Jayne and I dressing up as Carlton and Will from Fresh Prince.

We had to get picked up by a taxi and then we danced to Carltons theme song of "It's not unusual to be loved by anyone" and "Jump On It". It was great fun. We had to preform to our highest standards in front of the four judges and impress them to hopefully be awarded the sacred prize, a box of sweets. After everyone has preformed we embark on a walk of the area. Jayne and I volunteered to help at the crossings. It's always a blast ! 

When we returned to school after the weekend we sat anxiously in the classrooms awaiting the results of the competition. But unfortunately we did not succeed  :'(. But Congrats to the class that won :). 

                      This was my reaction when we lost 


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