Saturday, 26 October 2013

We've got that Thriller

Posted by Rebecca at 10:35
On Friday we got have a dress up day in school, Halloween themed. TY's were villains from movies. Loads of people but great effort into their costume such as Jayne ...

She dressed up as Shere Khan from the jungle book. She had to get up at 7 so her sister could apply the face paint. Others were the usual like robbers and some not so usual like Cal from Titanic, Rose's fiancée before Jack came along. She even put cologne on...

But they didn't dress up for nothing of course ! Each class gets to nominate a person from their class to be in the parade. Class tabei nominated Jayne :) 

The nominated girls then have to show off their hard work to the judges at lunch time. The results are then announced after lunch. We sat in anticipation in English awaiting the result but there seemed to be a mix up in the announcements :( Jaynes name was called out but with the wrong class name so they claimed Jaynes prize. But overall it was a fun filled day and can't wait for next year :D


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