Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Windy City...

Posted by Rebecca at 09:54
Calamity Jane is coming to Celbridge GAA!! 

Basically its a love triangle in the wild west, I'm hoping i'll be able to help out in the musical with props or something similar. But to promote our production of Calamity Jane we held a flash mob! Unfortunately  I don't have a video but we'll be doing another one soon in a different location ;)....

We had practised about 10 times in school, the song was a mash up of the Windy City and Animals by Martin Garrix.

This is the beginning of the song.

And this was or course we wanted to add in something different to make it stand out

As a rehearsal for the flash mob we had three in school, the first one we danced in the court yard but it didn't go to well as everyone was embarrassed. For the second and third flash mob we dressed in  checked shirts and black tracksuit bottoms, the second one was preformed in the first year mall, the space was limited but it went well. The third and final flash mob was done in the courtyard again and it was ten times better than any of the other ones. Then the big day came, we were preforming our flash mob in the church courtyard when they were turning on the lights. No one was expecting it, it was a flash mob, but no one had let word slip! Here's some more pictures from the day below :D

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