Thursday, 12 December 2013

Holly Day

Posted by Rebecca at 11:44
'Would you like to support the ISPCC?' 'Hi, would you like to support the ISPCC it's a great cause' ....
I never thought I'd stop saying this over and over again, We were fundraising in town for the ISPCC

Upon arrival we were divided into groups of two, I went with Aoibheann. We then each had to put on a yellow bib and grab a box of holly pins,  then we were sent to the Hibernian Club by Stephens Green. I had absolutely no idea where that was but we were given a map, and that's when we realised we can't read maps... Firstly we went in the wrong direction then we were told to go over O'Connell bridge and then we walked past it we were hopeless!

That is when we started to sound like parrots repeating the same thing to everybody who walked by.... Most people just walked by and didn't pay any attention to us, then some on the other hand went out of their way to avoid us... They crossed the road before us the crossed back again just after us and then some people walked out and around the taxis parked in front of us we're not that scary are we? But then some nice people bought a badge :)

We were so hungry by the time lunch came my belly was rumbling and you must have guessed where we went by now... McDonald's. Then Jayne and I left early to try get a birthday present for Aoibheann in Abercrombie but we were 3 euro short on everything! typical... It's like a maze in there you could get lost and never find your way out... That's how we almost missed our bus.. we were still in the shop at 2:15 when we were meant to be at the bus so we legged it .... turns out the bus hadn't arrived yet by the time we got there so we were safe! I had fun fundraising and I'm looking forward to doing it again in February for Lollipop Day.


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