Friday, 6 September 2013

The Journey so far...

Posted by Rebecca at 14:02

The Journey so far...

Its day four, we've had most of our classes except for p.e. and music. I'm looking forward to double p.e. because we'll be able to get more done. We started our junk kouture in home ec, its hard to come up with an idea that everybody likes and what materials were going to use. But its on its way :)

Art on the other hand was another story... It brought back memories of when i was in first year and recalled i cant draw for my life. 
We had our first workshop on Wednesday. Our first of the trio was with Austin who taught us about confidence building and suggested on the way to school we karate chop the air and scream hai. 
The second of the three involved transferring energy to one another then we gave each other shoulder massages.. it was different but i'm sure my mam will appreciate my new talent.
The third and final workshop was Positive Parties. We got to wear flower necklaces and listen to happy upbeat music. It was all about keeping positive an example of a positive song is ....
Hope you enjoyed my blog post stay tuned for more next week :)


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