Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thoughts on Physio and Cardiology...

Posted by Rebecca at 06:07
Last we week we attended the talks in Naas General hospital. I attended the Physio talk and the cardiology talk. I didn't find the physiotherapy talk as good as the cardiology talk, it sort of turned me off training the be a physiotherapist. It was well set up but was rather boring. They showed us the sort of equipment we would be using as well such as the wobble board, and the zimmer frame etc.

I also attended the cardiology talk on Friday. I found this talk amazing and so fascinating, she had it well laid out and it was very easy to understand. She showed us ECG's, ultra sounds and many other scans done by a cardiologist. Also a woman came and talked about respiratory cardiology which would have a link to asthma, i would be interested in this as i have sports induced asthma myself. At the end of the talk she had people bring in loads of the equipment they would use on a daily basis, we were shown how the machines worked and go to try some of them.

From attending these talks i would consider a career in cardiology as it was very interesting and it doesn't need a lot of points to do the course. 


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