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History, Poetry and much more....

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Not another trip.... If anything this is not a 'doss' year, with two trips in one week and plenty of projects to be done too. This time we headed into town to visit the national gallery, natural history museum AND the national library!! all thanks to Ms. B :D

As usual we were divided into class groups, class tabei went to the national art museum first  to view paintings from the time of W. B. Yates and also two that were painted by his brother.

Johannes Vermeers painting 

I decided to put this photo in because we are currently watching the girl with the pearl earring in art so far it's good. Anyway back to the point ... I found the museum interesting but i cant remember the name of my favorite painting typical... 

A Lunula 

After this we went to the museum of natural history. I love history so i was looking forward to this part. We got a tour of the exhibition about the bog bodies. We had to wait in the gift shop area for the tour guide it was rather dull until you looked up. The ceiling was beautiful, it was a complete contrast to the walls around the gift shop. There was a minor distraction to some waiting as there was a boys school there also nothing to noteworthy though... 

This is the best preserved bog body in the world, they injected it with wax unlike the other bog bodies. Seeing these just amazes me how little our anatomy has changed over the years, but it also evokes great emotion from me at how they were all brutally murdered and their corpses are on display, some say that if your body doesn't decompose you don't reach the after life, but everyone to their own.
a hyper Claire and I

And then we were let lose on Grafton street for lunch and obviously we went where every TY would go Mc Donalds... again... And there was a cute guy behind us also hahah im not only concerned about boys... And lunch is complete without starbucks for dessert typical teenage girl

After lunch we made are way to the Yates exhibition in the national library. It was a lovely exhibition showing us the many different things associated with W. B. Yates and his family. It was a great day and a special thanks again to Ms. B for organising it !!


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