Saturday, 15 February 2014

Calamity Jane

Posted by Rebecca at 14:29
Ms.C asked some of us to help her with painting the backdrop for the musical. I was a bit nervous at first because i'm not very good at art, but it wasn't as hard as it looked. Claire and I started off by priming the boxes with wheels that the boards with the background on them. We primed them with white paint on all three of them. 

While we were painting them white the others traced on the different scenes such as the cabin and the fire place. In the fire place they had to sketch out a rock pattern and different ornaments such as candle sticks and a pheasant and a flag along the side.  On

the two other boards for the cabin they sketched a window scene with a view of the mountains and on the other board they had a dear head and two rifles.

When they were dry we had to paint them to match two of the boards which had a wood panel background. When the paint was dry we had to measure the boards and match them up with the holders, then we had to rule the holders so the board would blend into the holder. 

Firstly we had to mix the paint to create the three different colours, a dark tone brown, medium tone brown and a light tone brown. Using the dark tone we did a sort of border then blended in the medium tone and lastly the light tone brown, therefore giving it a worn out effect. Then Niamh painted wood rings on the wood. 

Ms.C asked Claire and I to paint the back of the boards white for the other scene they will be used for such as the Adelaide Adams scene in the musical. Originally we painted them a duck egg blue and added a gold design. But after it was finished it didn't match as different people had drawn different parts of the boards. So instead we covered the boards with a warm cream tone. Niamh made a stencil of a rose to paint onto the board. So Sophie, Catriona and Kyra. They look so vintage and fit in perfectly. I don't have a picture at the moment but I'll put one up later! 


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