Friday, 14 February 2014

Mini Company

Posted by Rebecca at 13:02
On Tuesday we had our schools final and it was stressful to say the least. I had a lot of work to do he night before typical... I had to make the poster and glue down the information I'd printed, then I had to print off more instruction cards and labels and cut them out to have as our display on the day, I also volunteered to bring in a microwave so I tested a brownie in a mug in it so we had the right timing so it would taste perfect for the judges. And finally I had to prepare my speech part for the presentation. It was about 1 before I got to bed as usual.

The nest day trying to carry in the microwave was a nightmare as it weighed a tonne and I also had to carry the poster in, then when the others arrived we started to wrap some mugs for the display. We had to go to the first few classes before the competition then we headed to the library to set up. We set up our display as above, and then the judges arrived and my nerves elevated by 100%  Firstly the judges came around to us individually to take a look at our display, then we had to do our display in front of everyone.
It was nerve wrecking going up to talk and even more putting the brownie in the microwave hoping it wouldn't overflow or explode,, thank god it worked out perfectly and tasted great. Then the judges went to deliberate the results, and Candy Blossom were picked as the winner, congrats, their display was great and so was their presentation. We won a mini award for best marketing plan also. Good luck to Candy Blossom in the regional final.


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