Thursday, 6 February 2014


Posted by Rebecca at 11:35
We've been preparing for scifest since September when we were divided into our groups. I ended up doing the project myself due to some problems but it turned out fine. My project was called
"Twirls, Whirls, Spins and Turns the Science of Dizziness"
It Involved me spinning 15 people on a chair four times... which was difficult to say the least. But everything came together in the end, I did end up staying up till 2 am the day before but it had to be done.. I got to school as usual but the room was packed everyone was rushing to try get the finishing touches to their projects which added to my nerves. When the bell rang everyone headed to the hall to set up.

Thank god I had brought blue tac or else the poster would've been leaning against the wall rather than on it. I got a figure of the ear and the inner ear to put on my table along with my project book and laptop which had a slideshow on loop. 

Then the judges arrived, there was four of them and they separated heading to the different projects. One of the judges went to the project beside me called "Low Fat Vs. Full Fat", so I listened in to try hear what sort of questions they asked to prepare myself. Then she came to me next I introduced myself and shook her hand and I began. I told her about my projects and she asked me a few questions and moved on. The next judge didn't come for another hour, it was another woman and she was lovely and she asked the same sort of questions and moved on.

Then the judges left for lunch, some of the other project groups had said that all the judges had visited them which made me anxious. When they returned from lunch the other two judges came and asked about my project, I felt I got better at explaining my project after each time the judge came. The judges then exited the hall again to deliberate, but we were told we wouldn't know the result until last class. In the mean time some of the other year groups had come in to take a look at the projects. At lunch we ended up taking a few selfies on my laptop typical. 

Last class had finally come, we had to tidy the hall first and put away all the tables and pack up the projects, then we were all gathered onto the benches for a mini presentation. First they called out the 13 projects that are eligible to enter Scifest in Tallaght. Then from the 13 finalist they called first, second and third. In third place was Sorcha, Ailbhe and Grainne with Commerical V Organic in teeth whitening, In Second was a second year group called Colours, Cookies and Cutlery. Then in first place was ..... Rebecca with the science of dizziness!! I won ! I was so excited and happy all the hard work paid off, We got given a prize of a one for all voucher each to celebrate. And thank you to Ms. O'C for organising it all :) 


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