Sunday, 27 October 2013

Birthday alert!!!

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On Friday it was also Claire birthday :D we celebrated by brining food in. Jayne made Oreo brownies which were delicious. We also brought her present into school for her as well, later that day some of us were invited to her house for a while to watch a few movies which we didn't even do in the end. But I made a cake for her which I brought then :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE !!!

Here's a picture or two :) 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

We've got that Thriller

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On Friday we got have a dress up day in school, Halloween themed. TY's were villains from movies. Loads of people but great effort into their costume such as Jayne ...

She dressed up as Shere Khan from the jungle book. She had to get up at 7 so her sister could apply the face paint. Others were the usual like robbers and some not so usual like Cal from Titanic, Rose's fiancée before Jack came along. She even put cologne on...

But they didn't dress up for nothing of course ! Each class gets to nominate a person from their class to be in the parade. Class tabei nominated Jayne :) 

The nominated girls then have to show off their hard work to the judges at lunch time. The results are then announced after lunch. We sat in anticipation in English awaiting the result but there seemed to be a mix up in the announcements :( Jaynes name was called out but with the wrong class name so they claimed Jaynes prize. But overall it was a fun filled day and can't wait for next year :D

Sunday, 20 October 2013


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Barcelona Barcelona olay olay olaaaay!! Today was the draw for the Spanish school tour and I got picked :D ahhhh I'm so excited.

We're going on the 13th and coming back on the 16th. Unfortunately I'll be missing my friend's birthday but I'll bring her back an amazing present! And make her the best cake ever as well when i get back :)

And the most exciting part is we're going to portaventura it's so exciting ahhhhh :D the countdown begins for April the 13th... 189 days and counting....

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Clockwork Princess

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My Book Review 

Why did you select this book? Did you have any expectations?

I picked this book because i am a big fan of the author's, Cassandra Clare , various novels. Upon embarking on reading the mortal instruments i fell in love with her novels and style of writing and carried on to read her prequel, The infernal Devices. This is the third and final book in the series.  I expected it to be a brilliant book and it has lived up to its expectation so far. I have not completed it yet but have read about three quarters of the way. I also expect to find out who Tessa chooses will it be Will or Jem? only time will tell.

Genre of the book and Author.

She is an Author of young adult fiction. And writes in the genre of Fiction.

Plot outline.

The book is set in the Victorian England era. Tessa has been sent to England to live with her Brother as her aunt as died. She leaves New York with little more than the clothes on her back. She believes her brother is collecting her but is surprised by the appearance of the dark sisters. She was held captive by the dark sisters believing if she didn't do as they said Nate, her brother, would be killed. That was until she was rescued by Will Herondale. A Shadowhunter from the London Institute. The tale continues through the three books delving into the choices Tessa must make that affect everyone around her and even the whole world.

A Character I found interesting.

I found the character of Will Herondale to be very interesting. He's very interesting to me because of the struggles he has to deal with including hiding his love for Tessa. At first I didn't really like him because of his attitude, but the more i learned about his background the more i fell in love with this character. 

What style of writing does the author have?

Cassandra has a very descriptive style of writing to me. The detail she gives in her books allows me to really feel as if i was there. She also leaves a lot of cliff hangers through out the novel creating a heightened feeling of suspense.

Insight into the cultural context

As the book is set in Victorian England it is a world very different to ours. Its a world of the horse and carriage and large frocks.  I would not liked to have lived in this world unless i was a higher class citizen. In the lower class a girl would get better pay depending oh how pretty she was. The pretty maids were parlor maids who served the house guests. But the others would work in the kitchen or clean the house for less pay because of their looks.  Due to this fact I would not like to live in Victorian England.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Less than 24 hours and counting...

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Finally justice has been served!! We have been offered a trip to España :D The draw is happening tomorrow at lunch as far as i know ... and apparently there's a 1 in 2 chance of being picked. I'm so nervous. The countdown is on...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Friendship Week

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Jump On It...

The day had finally arrived, hours of practice had been put in too win the prize, this is what it involve to be the lucky class. Every year our school hosts a fun walk at the end of friend ship week to promote the anti bullying campaign. Within our class we have to create a dance the promotes bullying. There was ups and downs as expected but we pulled through in the end. Each year group is given a colour to dress in and TY's were yellow. This presented a challenge to us as there aren't many yellow characters out there. But we ended up picking Taxi's.

Our dance consisted of my friend Jayne and I dressing up as Carlton and Will from Fresh Prince.

We had to get picked up by a taxi and then we danced to Carltons theme song of "It's not unusual to be loved by anyone" and "Jump On It". It was great fun. We had to preform to our highest standards in front of the four judges and impress them to hopefully be awarded the sacred prize, a box of sweets. After everyone has preformed we embark on a walk of the area. Jayne and I volunteered to help at the crossings. It's always a blast ! 

When we returned to school after the weekend we sat anxiously in the classrooms awaiting the results of the competition. But unfortunately we did not succeed  :'(. But Congrats to the class that won :). 

                      This was my reaction when we lost 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Safety First

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Drive for life

Last Tuesday Pat from drive 4 life came in too us to give a talk about road safety. It aims to raise awareness of road safety and mould attitudes of young drivers-to-be before they actually start to drive.  The Programme is aimed at preventing young people becoming involved in road traffic incidents that all too often result in serious injury or death. 

It was a real eye opener too me. He showed images of crashes and videos of people talking about their life after the crash. One video in particular really affected me. I have attached it below. 

*Warning: this video contains graphic images that may upset some viewers. Watch at your own discretion*


This made me realize how dangerous it is to distracted for even a fraction of a second and the consequences involved in it.

After lunch the worst of it was over. We just learned about the rules of the road and the new drivers test we'll have to do. We also took the theory test for fun. I was one mark off passing my theory test and i didn't even study!


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